Aeron Weekly Update #1

Hello everyone! :smile:

Thank you for being here with us!

After a hard start we are sky rocketing in success and flying in the sky!

This is only possible thanks to you - thank you for the support and love you are giving to this project. Keep it up, you are amazing!

General Update

PvP Zone Rotation changes

  • PvP Zone will rotate 2 times now
    • This means that there will be 1 consecutive hour of PvP Zone until a new Zone will come up

Weekend Changes

  • In order to make Saturday and Sunday more appealing to be played the โ€œnaturalโ€ order of events will change!
    • Saturday and Sunday will have a morning Mini Epic Raid Boss
    • Extreme Zone on Saturday and Sundays will be unique and will open more often

New Korean TvT Style Map


  • We have fixed the Olympiad textures bug. You need to run L2Devil.exe to fix it!
  • Talisman of Reflect is now retail-like

PvP Balance