Grand Opening Halloween Celebration

Hello everyone!

We want to celebrate our Grand Opening by giving away Free Halloween Skins to every player online at a specific time!

Halloween Skins are exclusive and you can not get them in any other way, until the next Halloween, in a year!

On the following dates we will be giving every online player one Free Halloween Skin of their choice!

  • Saturday (today), at 20:00 CET
  • Sunday (tomorrow), at 16:00 CET, the same time as Goddard and Rune Castle Sieges
  • Sunday (tomorrow), at 20:00 CET, the same time as Giran and Aden Castle Sieges

Thank you for being part of this amazing Grand Opening!

Have fun! :heart:

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Saturday’s Halloween Weapon Skin has been given!

The 2 next ones will be tomorrow at the start of the Castle Sieges!


Thanks to all the players who were online with us!