Im new here, a want to know someting

How does this glitch and ss bug work? Players talk about it, but I don’t know what it is or how to do it.

none of those are on the server anymore. but if u’re still curious, macro glitch is when u put on macro some skill with short reuse, and that glitch makes reuse barely noticeable. like aura flash for example, or vampiric claw, or duelist skills. ss bug is u needed to move after every cast so u won’t lose cast speed. ye imsol2wikiplayeraf. anyways both of them were taken out from server xoxo


polina is a walking l2 wiki <3

that is a bug from l2off that allows you to use skill force with a -1 second cooldown, just -1 second no 0 cooldown. and also ncsoft admited is a bug and fixed it in the GoD update in 2011, so it is just a bug. In L2j (l2jserver dot com) they said they will not enable that bug -

         disableSkill(skill, reuseDelay);
  •   	disableSkill(skill, Config.RETAIL_SKILL_REUSE ? reuseDelay - 1000 : reuseDelay)

but seems like devil enabled it, or just got the template with it enabled and/or even customized it. Ppl got used to it, but again, is just a bug and a bug should be removed. he did good for setting this off,