L2 Devil - New Season

Hello Everyone!
I know some of you are already confused by the title, New Season?
Is that a wipe? Is that a new start?

skill3123 Characters

  • Your Characters will be saved in the server: you will find your characters, shortcuts, macros and all the subclasses ready to be played!

armor_t97_u_i00 Gear

  • The server will totally change the economy system, the way to gear up your character is going to be completely different so all the items from your inventory will be cleaned!

etc_adena_i00 Refunding Donation Bonus

  • As always we will have a Refunding Donation Bonus so you don’t lose all the donations you did in the last version!

image What will change in this New Season?

  • Tons of stuff! We are moving towards being more newbie friendly, and at the same will give way more reasons to join into the fights of the PvP Zone!

Let’s Take a quick preview to what is coming!

demonic Farm Zone


  • All monsters now have a chance to drop Golden Apiga!
  • All monsters now have a chance to drop Festival Adena!
  • devil All monsters now have a chance to drop Devil Coins!

skillboss Improved PvP Zone

  • Thanks to your continuous and valuable feedback, we have come to the conclusion that the PvP Zone is in need of an huge rework - and you’ll love it!
  • Every PvP Zone now will have its own Vortex, claim the ownership and you will be able to Spawn a Raid!
  • Claiming the ownership of the Vortex will also grant you more rewards in the PvP Zone!

skill4108 Daily Epics

  • Lately we did a test with Andreas Van Halter, and since we see its success, the Raid formula of the server is now changing to One Big Epic Raid + One Small Epic Raid, every day!
  • Since we got a lot of positive feedback about Andreas Von Halter are are adding another 4 Small Epic Raids into the daily rotation!

bookmark_scroll_i00 More Events

  • Party Kamaloka
  • Korean Style Event

etc_scroll_of_enchant_weapon_i05 Enchants

  • "Classic is better"
  • We are going back to the original enchant formula!
  • Safe +4
  • Max +16
  • Enchant Chance 60%

etc_pi_gift_box_i04 Welcome Starting Pack

  • Elegia Weapons, Armors, and Epic Jewels will be free and already in your inventory at the start of you journey!

This is a quick preview of what will happen in the near future, we will have soon a brand new topic and also a reworked website with all the new features!

Thanks to everyone for playing :heart:

See you ingame!
- L2Devil.ws Staff