L2Devil.ws x5000 competition

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at least you could give link to people from who you copied videos …

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Movavi Video Editor 2020

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Как то помню пинал этого дурачка на мыдрейтах, помню как он каждый час бегал на ведро проживая в Виннице с зп в 3к грн мдее были времена не то что сейчас

Used programs:
Adobe After Effects CC
Adobe Photoshop CC
Autodesk 3ds Max 2012
Movavi Video Editor 2020

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Крутое превью, красиво сделано)

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:uhm: https://youtu.be/sP-_RNo8c1I


second video is from some guy from maxcheeters but he changed it to unlisted.

well since no one is bothering to post videos for this awful beta i bet the video he clearly stole from someone else is gonna win xD

what’s the difference, the administration asks for a project advertisement, this is a project advertisement, this is my second channel, I specially uploaded the video here so that they don’t get confused

but the video was published in 2015… not 2020…? I mean im assuming if youre gonna make an advertisment project ,you’d make a new one ? and not just plaster the devil logo over a 5 year old video…xd

you will not find the original of this full video because it does not exist

so tell us more about your movavi video editor 2020 :smile:

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why do I need to report to someone, I just made an advertisement for the project, that’s all

You are amazing. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

yes, thanks bro xddd

No problem you can also take my videos and respost them with different server logo bro . Always yours

this video (the first post) is a video that Lineage2DEX used to prommo their server couple years ago on facebook. I dont know if they made it or someone else made it. And i do not care also. No1 said that you cannot use video templates or video files from another sources. The server needs a promo video, atleast that guy did one, instead of just whining around. It may also be the same video for another 20 random servers, who know. Unless u do better, shut up.

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I just don’t understand why there is so much aggression and a hate, why is this?

because forum warriors! :))) the server is boring so what to do instead? just get used to them, they are mean cuz they think they are better than everyone, thats exactly why i believe they got a peak 80iq, the rest is just fustration :rofl: