Make olympiad great again

  • Yes we want legit heroes
  • No I’m a rword that really wants that sgt hero via feed

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Let’s get rid of that cancer feeding on oly maybe? Maybe I want to bang someone’s mother on friday and cba sitting in-game co some degenerate keeps trying to feed my heroski for 7th week in a row :smiley: Some people want easy heroski and normally they’d go for shit like archers or bards(jk sws is fucking broken reminds me of OG aeron) but they don’t stand a chance co there’s autists feeding those classes, which is pretty gay. My proposal is to one week ban on sight when it comes to feeding, 3-4 amigos going away that way and people will get the idea, unlike that time that SSRI addict kept trying to ban me on forum, that didn’t age well. At least for first few weeks if you plan to bail out again, I don’t mind.
Also very important, boost punch of doom in pvp, 40sec static cd davai!
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In case it’s not obvious this is not skirmish where I slap my dick on character creation and I play whatever it lands onto, half classes have no competition which allows feeding freely, my idea should restrict that to some degree. People would rather pay 15 euroski or even more I wouldn’t be surprised just because they cba doing oly, which is understandable I wanna punch a baby koala everytime a retard who did 10k less dmg than me wastes 2mins of my life running just to give me free points D:

Feed hero or no balls

you gonna hit the npc with eddie if I vote for the first option?

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We can not have an Olympiad with exclusively legit Heroes (as in, the Hero has achieved all the points without feeding) because having a GM controlling feeding every day is inviable and generates server drama.

The one way forward and the lines for improvement for more legit Heroes is making organized feeding systematically (but not artificially - like denying same-clan Olympiad matches) harder in some way.

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That’s understandable, I know having some nibba watching over that shit is impossible, and a proof based system is easy to abuse. Have you considered some small reward(i.e more tokens since they are worth smth nowadays) for second and third place? It might push people to try out odd classes and end up liking it, therefore starting to play for hero. Dunno. #boostpunchofdoom

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custom ELO system = no more oly feed.

20 pts player fight players with 15+ pts.
30 pts player fight players with 20+ pts.

Unfortunately it’s not so simple. Players can farm points to reach high elo, and then feed to the other high elo player, when they are down they farm again, etc.

It makes it more complicated but it also limits Olympiad experience - you will overall go against the same players over time (players who have similar points).

It also creates a barrier of high elo players: low elo players farm enough points to be matched up in high elo and then get destroyed by the high elo players, going back to low elo - something frustrating.

That was implemented w/ the old arenas, the system is flawed and doesn’t really work in l2 at that level, at some point you will either get paired w/ low pointers or don’t get called for game at all. At some point there has to be a line or threshold to limit such issues. Lack of arenas is also an issue, but pray for v9 or whatever #boostpunchofdoom

can we just get buyable heroes that last for a good amount of time again ? my god -_- its not like the money wasnt pouring in back when the hero was buyable…

The problem we are dealing with is that as soon as we have a price that is worth to pay for, Olympiad will be left to be irrelevant again. If you have any suggestion, please let us know

make hero buyable for a week instead 3days/monthly for like 500dc or so, for example

ps: tomorrow beta test, when u gonna announce official changes? i mean u gonna do smthing with poll results ?

  1. Since ppl buy hero for the buffs, that is what has to be modified.

Hero by buying with DC = hero skills with retail duration/reuse.
Hero by playing olympiad = hero skills with custom duration/reuse. Make olympiad weapon with 450 atr dmg or increase its base dmg (can only be obtainable by oly). Ofc not tradeable.

  1. Also change the hero weapon skin to the latest. or make it a tradeable skin

  2. Since clans farm olympiad, make those clan jewel fragment obtainable through oly.

Hero Skills

Residence Skill Heroic Berserker
For 2 minutes, increases the user’s Accuracy by 8, P. Atk. by 500, M. Atk. by 500, Atk. Spd. by 100, Casting Spd. by 100, Speed by 20, Resistance to buff-canceling attacks by 80, and the effect of received HP recovery magic by 100%. Bestows complete Resistance to de-buff attacks. Decreases P. Def. by 25%, M. Def. by 25%, and Evasion by 8. Consumes 40 Soul Ore.
Residence Skill Heroic Dread
For 30 seconds, instills nearby enemies with fear and causes them to flee with Speed increased by 66. Consumes 80 Spirit Ore.
Residence Skill Heroic Grandeur
For 1 minute, decreases nearby enemies’ P. Def. by 50%, M. Def. by 50, Evasion by 16, and Shield Defense by 50%. Increases damage to be canceled by magic by 100, and blocks all physical/magic skills. Consumes 80 Spirit Ore.
Residence Skill Heroic Miracle
For 30 seconds, increases P. Def. by 5400, M. Def. by 4050, Resistance to buff-canceling attacks by 80, and Speed by 5. Consumes 40 Soul Ore.
Residence Skill Heroic Valor
For 2 minutes, increases nearby clan members’ P. Atk. by 250, P. Def. by 500, and Resistance to buff-canceling attacks by 40. Consumes 80 Spirit Ore.

Make hero weapons available only for oly heroes, not buyable ones. Problem solved. 1.5k per month for hero is moar than enough.


Remove buyable hero from shops was the best thing you did.
Dont change it.

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Make grand heroes where heroes; legit or not, purchased or not, fight each other for the ultimate title in each profession and give them legendary weapons or some other greater rewards, e.g. boosted aura, golden chat…etc etc.

i know how u can solve this problem remove olympiad and make heroes from 1v1 arena-like v2 full buffs full set etc i guess there will be no feed xd