New Server - exciting changes!

Hello everyone!

Unfortunately, the current server is coming to an end rather fast. We are very sad to see this happen, and we never plan for the server’s death, we want it to be alive and growing for as much time as possible, and we hope this new design will solve many issues we’ve had for a long time.

In this version we are striving for a more clean, retail-like gameplay, backed by a stronger economy that we believe will be very healthy for the server, keeping it interesting for much longer.

We are lowering enchants from +16/+20 to +8/+12. Lower stats for P.Def and M.Def improve PvP balance a lot. However, much more importantly, we are also lowering Bonus HP gained from enchanted armor. With +20 gear you were getting +5446 base HP, and now with +12 you will only be getting 756 base HP instead. This is a huge change and we believe it will change the PvP experience completely.

We are reducing buff slots from 32+4/16 to 24+4/12, and we are also removing uncommon retail buffs, such as all the Dwarf buffs (Embroider, Hard Tanning, Case Harden… etc), making them self-buffs. Blazing Skin has been replaced by Chant of Revenge, and Prayer and Combat Aura have been removed from the buffer. We are making these last 2.5 minutes, so if you want them, you need a Healer or Knight in your party. Additionally, we are changing the stats some buffs give, as they are really overpowered and create a certain gameplay that is not interesting. We are lowering Song of Purification Heal and Debuff Resist, as it’s not a buff you are supposed to have up all the time - and Gift of Seraphim magic skill reuse rate, as you don’t have any summoner in your party and it’s extremely powerful for mages when not sacrificing a party slot for the buff.

Stat limits
We are adding retail stat limits for Speed, Accuracy, and Evasion. The maximum value for those stats will be 255. Before this change, Speed’s maximum value was 300, so this is a direct nerf for kite party gameplay, as we believe it’s not healthy for the server. Archer parties will have increased damage in compensation.

Retail Balance
We are keeping the macro bug and going even deeper into retail balance, we are enabling Spiritshot lag. This is a feature that balances mages and healers a lot, as spamming skills without waiting for the Spiritshot to activate will result in decreased casting speed. We have removed about 95% of custom changes we’ve done over time. We are also removing the special cases of certain classes ignoring minimum cast time (500ms) of any skill. Minimum debuff chance will be set at 10%, as in retail. You will notice many skills and classes will work differently, and we’ll deal with them over time if they are deemed as OP.

Party Restrictions
We are removing them completely, as with all these drastic changes, Knights and Healers may no longer be an issue.

Buffs return after 15 seconds (as is now)
The amount of buffs cancelled has been reduced so it stays balanced with the lowered buff slots amount

Mana Potions
We are lowering them from 1000 MP to 500 MP every 10s

Blessed Scroll of Resurrection
We have never used this scroll because, by itself, it’s overpowered - since it has fast casting speed. However, since we expect people to die much faster with lower stats, we have added it for free on the shop - and added 300s reuse to it. This also helps parties without healers or with less healers being more competitive.

Elegia and Armor Sets

Elegia is no longer free. Instead, you will need ~10.000 PvP for an Elegia Armor Set. You now spawn with free Vorpal instead. We want more players to use Vesper and Moirai armors, so we have boosted Moirai P.Def by 3% and Vesper P.Def by 1.5% in order to make them more competitive with Vorpal and Elegia. These are small, symbolic buffs to free items, that we believe are important in order to have more armor variety in the server instead of a top choice. Of course, Elegia won’t be added to Store, we want players to PvP and the server to last a long time!

Clan Epic Jewels
You will now require only 1 Soul Bottle in order to exchange it for a Clan Epic Jewel. We believe this will not be a problem because, overall, since the stats are lower, you will also gain less bonus from the Clan Epic Jewels, while maintaining the motivation to go to Epic Raids. We have also added the ability to exchange any Clan Epic Jewel you want for 3.000 Epic Fragments, so that anyone who goes to Epic Raids can eventually enjoy the rewards. When you buy them, you will get them automatically enchanted at +12.

Store Hero
After all the feedback we have gathered, we understand there’s lots of people who want Hero to be Olympiad-only, and lots of people who want Hero status without having to play Olympiad. We are trying to reach a balance for Hero to be bought in Store. For this reason, we are adding back Store Hero, but in a special way: you can only buy 3 days worth of Hero Status for 500 DC. We believe this will stop the Hero spam and at the same time make Olympiad matter, while letting players be Hero - sometimes, not always, because it’s generally not worth it.

Additionally, we have lowered required Weekly PvPs to register in Olympiad to 125. We’ve also limited Hero Auras to Olympiad Heroes. Store Heroes will still see their own Hero Aura, but no one else will.

Other Changes

  • We are limiting clients to max 1 per PC, instead of 2. We believe this is the only way it’s fair for everyone.
  • We are making Judicator selectable as a main class and not only a subclass.

Hello again!

There has been a massive amount of feedback since this announcement was made, and we want you to know that we really appreciate your input - whether flames or constructive criticism, it helps you bring the point across, and we’ll work hard to make this a server you will enjoy. We realize that when you flame it’s because you actually care about the server, not because you want to see it destroyed!

After reading all of your feedback, the one thing we are sure about is about the Cancel changes - it has had the biggest negative impact and gathered the most attention out of all the changes.

We’ll do the following instead:


  • Cancel remains as it was before - it will return buffs after 15s.
  • Additionally, since there’s only 24+4/12 buff slots to tank cancel with, we have lowered the amount of buffs cancelled so that it remains balanced.
  • Updated original post with new Cancel changes

Please continue discussing about the changes: what you like, what you don’t like, and solutions for the problems you might see - the more in detail you go, the more passion you show, the harder we’ll work to make this the greatest server ever!


Hello everyone!

Thank you so much for the feedback! We hope you’ll continue giving us feedback!

We’ve been hard at work the days before beta with some interesting changes. There’s many small changes too small to list that we hope you will discover during the Beta. We have prepared a list of the more noticeable ones:

Automatic Tournaments are here!
Last year we announced we began working on this feature, and we can finally say we’ve finished it. It was a huge undertaking and we hope you’ll enjoy it!

Extreme Zone
We have disabled it. We will be spawning Darion on the normal PvP Zone instead!

PvP Reward feeding checks
We have improved the system and hope there will be less false positives where you don’t get rewarded.

Players can no longer register with multiple clients with the same HWID / IP.

Exalted Epic Jewels
We have found a new name for the Clan Epic Jewels, and have halved their bonus stats, as well as the Epic Fragments required. This means that they are now easier to get but also give a lower boost - a perfect change to have a healthier server!

We still believe having Elegia for FA/GA will increase the overall quality and duration of the server. The bad thing about setting a very high price is that players will have it exclusively after a long time on the server, and once the server has been online for some months it will be a bad situation for new players.
This is why we have developed a new pricing strategy: The price starts at 100% price and will get lowered by 5% every week, until it is at 25% price forever. This allows exclusivity at the start of the server, and will make new players feel welcome once the server reaches an endgame scenario, instead of pushing them away because they have to catch up a very long road with old players.

Thank you everyone, and see you in the Beta! Please do continue giving us feedback during the Beta - about anything we can improve! We accept any feedback and will try many new things during the Beta. We’ll also be making more polls and adapting the server to make it ever greater!

Thank you for reading!
Cheers! :heart:


Hello again, everyone!

Here you have a small list of big changes :heart:

  • Balance is changing on a daily basis, we will give you a full set of changes once beta is over.
  • Macro Glitch has been disabled
  • Spiritshot Lag has been disabled
  • Tanks and Healers also get Solo/Duo Bonus buff now
  • Tanks, Healers, and Summoners can now enter Solo Zone
  • Events will now give PvP score, and PvP Reward
  • Store Hero is back at 30 days / 1500 DC

Please note that there’s a ton of small changes that are unimportant enough to make it to this list

Thank you for playing!
Cheers :heart: