Nothing like before!

I am quite impressed how the gm of this server is trying to kill it by his own decisions .
Olympiad last day Friday ? This is absolute retarded stuff , how stupid you have to be to take such a stupid decision . Most of the people playing such a servers is to enjoy playing couple of hours and mostly olympiad ( like me for example ) and usually during the wekeends we have plenty of free time to enjoy it . So last day oly must be Sunday as always have been and then most of the competition will be able to play not Friday when most of the people a busy . I logged many times i watch and i see the olympiad is totally dead . And this i said is the main reason for it and the only reason i dont play here .
P.S. If the excuse to put Friday as last day not Sunday because of the siege/tw , that is just irrelevant .

Yes i also think olympiad period should end saturday,sunday, more players can play

it was always last day - Friday on aeron, dunno what you are smoking. Usually if there’s something u don’t like - u don’t do it, which is what i am suggesting you to do