Olympiad, macro glitch and SS lag

Very good hello @Anolvaio @Devil what do you think about adding them just for oly? People who been bitching about them were the kind of players that just want to log and play some relaxing l2 so it’s understandable they wouldn’t want to get used to them, but since oly doesn’t involve them(therefore they have no reason to whine about) I suppose we could have that. It makes for a healthier competitive environment and is what most people that play oly are used to. Tell me what you think


ss lag was very nice change as well as macro glitch disable. maybe if they kept it server wouldnt have farming 55/70 players storm screamers in events, and would be some more interactive server generally even on beginning stage. but hewo this crowd can just put a char afk put something on f1 f2 buttons and spam hurricane and aoe skill.

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@Devil @Anolvaio @Mordred senor???

Also wasn’t we supposed to get fixed amount of tokens when calculating points like in prev servers? I didn’t see this change mentioned anywhere