Olympiad problem

I know this is pvp server. but ppls didn’t want to join oly because they can buy hero for 1500 dc ? rly i am sure some ppls dont want to join events cuz sometimes they lose like sh1t so pls put some reward for olympiad matches or many ppls will stop to play

oly is runing every evening so enough players join. now you cant take hero by retail, u dont have money to donate, u come and cry. like all fat kids here who cry all day about things they dont like, about strong clases etc. why no just leave?

u gotta understand theres ppl that likes to play olys, and since this version have heroes by donation again they struggle to find matches.
So tell me fcking animal why u flame him? u are the worst kind of clown this forum ever had


Just make Olympiad without restriction in terms of PvP, make it 0 PvP requirement otherwise is useless when I can just donate for it :PP cheers

i had to come back and laugh, dude made hero hk like he usually does and u ended up last on ur class, later u come forum complaining about nerfs. u are comedy gold

i never said i’m a good dagger. sph -8/9k playhours, th maybe 200 playhours. still i can rape ur ass without a problem. the reason i ended last in oly is not ur concern. just think of it i’m just bad. stop being important. you`re not,believe me.

whatever fella, just pointing out how clown u are have a good day

Heroes must be only from olympiad. The simple reason is that no one will join oly. Everyone will buy it cuz it’s for 1 month. At start I agreed with you paying 3 days hero but you didn’t make it like that. You wanted the sure path that everyone will follow and everyone will pay for it. Anyways it will be the same again w/o oly every day and you will lose all olympiad players in a period of time. I know that it’s a pvp server and some ppl dont have the time to play olympiad but hero privs are not for everyone who can pays.

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the server needs donations and since there are some cheap fappers they must give something attractive to gain money. i bet you wont like +16 enchant only from donations. they tried that once and no1 liked.

You dont have to make a pay2win server. We mean about balance to everything. I know that server needs donations to keep it alive but buying heroes won’t help you being alive. Maybe you can buy hero tokens for 24hours for some amount of dc. That won’t stop ppl to make donate. I know they will be less money but balance is more important.

alright, donated hero = p2w. best quote 2k20 . (fuck, i`m starting to talk just like them x.x)