Shaker shaker,destroy party maker


Roses are red violets are blue , they spend monthly salary to hide from you

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my greek friend u destroy parties only when every good group left years ago lmao
but gj

Marina turbina salting

such hatred , it was a random party created in the territory war just to play 1hrs(november 2019 or something) and have fun on +16 gear , i do not understand why u became such an hypocrite, i made party and u did not win a single pvp for 2 weeks ,the only pvp u win its when i make pr because we fight u on 2 flame icon and i make pr because everyone on the party had 1 fps… gl in esport and throw more dislike… i do not fear any challenge , i am ready to gvg u with any party, eltu -random giran pt , and in top of all , 80% of ur party is the players who learned what even means gvg at my party… but u’re an hyopcrite from l2global that wasted my time along with velocity to make me log that trash server and do 5-0 on you w/o any fraps and +18 gear… goodluck and happiness in your life i have no reason to hate you , but u are seeking for my attention in everypost ,kisses.(not playing since the start of january) , i am sorry if i sound rude i do not mean at all , peace &love.

Elin my friend why so salty … you made or not for x2 fi you did it cause your bp went self… that’s why I upload everything cause I know you guys will lie sooner or later . We don’t dislike your videos is funny tho dynasty videos have exactly same dislikes. The 1st gvg we ever played was in global with stavro pt leader he gather us and made us play like that is the truth I want you to check some names in our party I’m pretty sure someone inside our party is the man who teach your party I think you getting confused my friend . You made a pt and playing 2 weeks because we didn’t even had a party . Since we did the party we went straight got with you defeat you and you disbanded the next day bro lol. What +18 bro most of times you played with more items than us ( remember devil items ) and score is 8 -0 if you count my videos we also love you and show the proper respect is ok sometimes to make some wrong posts we are here to remind with videos . Peace and love

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TFVj (1)


everyone give’s he’s opinion ,maybe 100-0 score bro ? u are the real star of the l2 devil and everyone disband… please wake up , nobody has motivation to regroup to waste time killing same people , yanz is the only good party created in the normal servers, l2 devil its the same partys fighting ,brother what disband u are talking about , we had a 8 people and abso loged out saying we cant regroup and left the clan and scammed matheus the next day because he gave char to him to play olympiad or idk what was the reason , i do not know why u even reply to me about ur score, i respect u as a person but as a l2 player i do not know who are you at all or ever heard about you,have a great night and maybe in the next lineage server u will become famous and very great l2 player , in the server where is 40 online and 35 are siting in the same clan from day 1 server and u telling about disband, there is just no players to create a party…

@elinasofta the only person who had access to mateus account cuz he had mail confirmation was max not me btw and u know if i scammed him i would even delete his certification and dyes

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he had no email confirmation and i already found out who did this because i’ve sended emails while i was playing league of legends because matheus was pming me sadly showing me about this and i even tried to help him out with what i could , but just replying to Bill , i do not have anything if u scammed him or not , it is not my issue :smiley:

so if u find out who did this why u say its me then ? lol


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if u think that i scammed matheus after i spended like 6k dc for making armors/weaps/top dyna weaps for bps idk what to say im rly dissapointed with u xa

dissapointed with me about what ? i do not care about what u did to this guy lol , i’ve just explained to bill , and whatever be dissapointed , it is a 40 online game and i will not sleep at night if u be dissapointed with me … omegalul man jzz fk.

u didnt catch the enchantress joke but its ok if i call u play?

Abso left you after your second defeat . Im just a giran rectuit who achieved to win against the ppl who play this server their entire life my friend. Peace and love :kissing_closed_eyes:

i play and distro u with one punsh xa finally forum has life again , while queing up for league , omega lul kroze and the team has a 200% winrate all over aeron again and make everyone disband.lul ah

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i can expect anything from you or velocity to say in an online forum of a server with 40 online , i could expect u saying even that what i say about global isnt true … but its ok as soon as u believe what u are saying all will be ok and u will be able to sleep at night.

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i cant say something about global i was not playing that time i had to server army so i cant express myself about that