The Last L2Devil - a promise

We know you are tired of wipes. So are we. This is why this server will be the last one.

We are making a promise right now, with you - and with the whole Lineage 2 Community - that this server will be the last L2Devil.

Why are we doing it? Because no matter what, we’ll continue working on it, striving for excellence. We’ll never wipe.

We are not saying the Opening will be massive, because we’ve lost the trust of many players for wiping so often. What we are saying is that, over time, through hard work and dedication, we will grow and outlast every other server project out there. We will build a stable and large community based on respect and trust from the ground up. In fact, from underground, as many players aren’t even neutral, but against our past attitudes - and they are right to be.

The team’s personal believe is that servers shouldn’t be wiped, ever. IF a server is going to be wiped when the online activity goes down, it should be stated, publicly, on the actions that will be taken, when and how, before you even join - so that you can know what to expect, and join willingly.

We have redesigned the server so that it can last forever. Getting your character ready is really easy, and the economy is based purely on skins. Because we love PvP, not farming forever. Because we believe in fair play and skill, not in stomping because of gear difference. The PvP Zone is full because it’s fun, not because you get rewarded with more stats.

The server will never die for as long as we support it. And we will never stop supporting it - because we love this game, we love this community, and - finally - we love our work here. We aren’t doing it for the money. We are doing it for fun - and the server design and store prices reflect that.

This server will last forever, because PvP is infinite. Quite literally, we have lowered the damage so you don’t die as fast, more fun for some players, but less fun for some others. We are focusing exclusively on the fun of the group of players who love low damage, and not the high damage. If you like crazy high damage, this server is not for you, and you can stop reading now.

On this note, not only are we promising it as the last server, we are also promising we’ll never change the base features. This doesn’t mean there won’t be updates, there will be updates as we work hard every day to make the best server ever - but only for the specific group of players who already love the server as it is right now. We are not trying to get everyone on board anymore, as not everyone likes the same things for the server.

The base features that will never change:

  • No Custom Items
  • Free Elegia, Raid Jewels, etc
  • Enchants Safe/Max +16 - Donation Max +20
  • Buff slots 32+4 / 16 dances
  • All buffs available except Kamael in Buffer
  • Max Element 300/120
  • Super easy farm
  • No Macro Glitch / SpiritShot Lag
  • No Olf’s T-Shirt

On that note, we are sorry about the constant wipes and design changes in the server , we should have never changed base features, or wiped, since the very beginning. We simply did our best at every time, and now we realize the true direction we should have taken, and the one we’ll take from now on.

If you are interested, the Beta is open since some days ago, and the Live will be on Saturday, October 31, 2020 16:00

Thank you for reading,
– Staff

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