Weekly Update #10

Please Run L2Devil.exe in order to update your game files, or you won’t see the new Items!

Welcome to the Weekly Update #10 of the server!

This week we are bringing you new items and balance changes to reinvigorate fun in the server - please keep the feedback coming, you are constantly helping us to create an ever better server together!

talisman2 New Stat Talismans
We are introducing Six New Stat Talismans

  • Each one of them will give a +1 Stat (STR DEX CON INT WIT MEN)
  • They have a limited duration of only 24 hours!
  • You can find them in the GM Shop or in the Store!
    • Note: * The Talismans are the same, there is no advantage for buying them from the Store


quest Newbie Help
In order to help all the new players that keep joining the server to catch up with the old players we are introducing some nice bonuses to the server!

New Players will have the starting equipment already enchanted at +8 and with 300/120 element for 7 days, in order to be able to explore the farming zones without first having to farm for it!

skill0756 PvP Balance
Thanks to all the feedback we have received, we can say that the server has a very good balance and the most popular classes don’t need much more changes. So this time PvP balance will be mostly about 2 classes that very few players are playing!

  • skill0787 Eva’s Templar

    • skill0341 Touch of Life Decreased reuse delay just for Eva’s Templar from 5 minutes to 2 minutes.

    • skill0067 Healing Cubic’s Heal It will now have twice less reuse when healing party members. Increased its healing power by 50% and made its heal to depend on healing effectiveness buffs. Also now it will properly display a message of the amount healed. (affects Arcana Lord’s smart cubic as well)

    • skill0449 Attractive Cubic’s Hold Now the minimum debuff chance is 23% for the root.

    • skill1183 Smart Cubic’s Icy Air Now the minimum debuff chance for the DOT effect is 23%. (affects Elemental Master’s Aqua Cubic as well)

    • skill0786 Eva’s Will Increased its activate chance by a factor of x2.5.

  • Wind Rider

    • Dodge reuse decreased by 15 seconds.

    • skill0819 Evasion Chance trigger chance increased from 10% to 30%.

mercenary_certification_i02 Olympiad Balance
Huge changes will coming in the Olympiad system this week, we collected a lot of feedback and we understand the actual Olympiad system is more stressful than enjoyable, so we did a huge rework to turn it around!

  • etc_scroll_of_enchant_weapon_i05 Enchant Limit Weapon +10
  • etc_scroll_of_enchant_armor_i05 Enchant Limit Armor/Jewel +8
  • Elemental Master / Spectral Master Olympiad Magic Damage -5%
  • Shillien Saint Olympiad Magic Damage -5%
    Phoenix Knight Olympiad Physical Damage -5%
    skill1476 Judicator Olympiad Physical Damage -5%
    skill0485 Doombringer Olympiad Disarm Enchant Route Chance -10%

Bug Fixes

  • We are really sorry to have this bug for so long, it was really hard to fix, and want to thank everyone who kept testing and reporting the bug to us.
    • image All summons HP bug
    • skill0793 Rush Impact animation display