Weekly Update #9

Please Run L2Devil.exe in order to update your game files, or you won’t see the new Items!

Welcome to the Weekly Update #9 of the server!

We hope this new update will make things a lot more interesting - there is new content for you to explore which was really hard to design and execute, we hope you will appreciate it :heart:

Dragon Valley / Antharas Lair Improvements

  • All adena in the farming zone has been increased by 10%!
  • All monsters now have a chance to drop Golden Apiga!
  • All monsters now have a chance to drop Festival Adena!
  • devil All monsters now have a chance to drop Devil Coins!

Devil Belt (not available inside Olympiad)
We are introducing four new versions of the Devil Belt for ingame currency, hoping to re-invigorate gameplay and fun in the server!

image image
image image


  • Doombringer
    • attack PvP Autoattack Damage -5%
  • Archmage / Mystic Muse / Storm Screamer
    • PvP Magic Damage -5%

Olympiad Balance

  • Dominator Olympiad Magic Damage -5%
  • Phoenix Knight Olympiad Physical Damage -5%
  • Arcana Lord / Elemental Master / Spectral Master Olympiad Magic Damage -5%
  • Hierophant / Eva Saint / Shillien Saint Olympiad Magic Damage -10%


  • Physical Evasion skills have been fixed. We are really sorry to have this bug for so long, it was really hard to fix, and want to thank everyone who kept testing and reporting the bug to us.
    • Dodge
    • Wind Riding
    • Exciting Adventure
    • Ghost Walking
    • Ultimate Evasion
  • Lucky Blow
    • Fixed abnormally low damage (spoil effect was bugging the skill)