Weekly Update v.1


Hello there, and welcome to the first Weekly Update of the server!
We know it was a rough start, the server is harder and less newbie-friendly than you guys thought, so we’ve made many changes improving this

Newcomers Friendly System

  • etc_scroll_of_enchant_weapon_i05 Enchant: Safe +8
  • We saw way too many players get discouraged by the enchant chance, so we took a different road, making +8 safe from the start things should go way smoother for the newcomers!

Farming Zones:

  • In order to help the newcomers to gear up and avoid directly competition with the biggest groups, the farming zones “Village, Quarry South, Quarry North” will no longer be a PvP flag zone!
    Attention: Magicians and Captains spawned from killing mobs in those zones will still make you get the PvP flag if you hit them!
    farming zones

Class Balance:

  • Skill_261_1 Duelist: Energy Skill Damage +5%
  • skill0445 Adventurer: Mirage Chance Nerfed -10%
  • skill1170 Necromancer: Anchor Chance Nerfed -10%

Olympiad System:

  • Enchant Armor Restored to +6
  • (the changes about olympiad will be applied at next restart)
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