Weekly Update v.2

Welcome to the second Weekly Update!

A ton of things happened during this week!

A huge thank you to you, the generous community that has supported us and has given us the time to get back on our feet again! :heart:

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Raid Bosses:

  • PvP Zone Spawnable Boss: Added to the droplist Temporal Hero (1 hour) and Epic Fragments
  • Tully/Ekimus/Zaken/Andreas: Fixed the the high evasion problem
  • New Tab: Added a tab to see the schedule of the Epic Raids

Zone Rotations:

  • The Team Zone is back!
  • From 02:00 AM to 14:00 PM the Solo Zone and Team Zone will rotate with each other


  • The accessories that have been only available in the Store will now also be sold in the GM Shop

Elemental System lvl 9 for Weapons:

  • We have determined that a player has on average an elemental defense of about 500 to 600.
    On specific debuff situations (like a surrender debuff) or cancelled buffs, that defense can go down to around 350 or 400, but that is still way above the 300 elemental attack nearly all players have. Therefore we have deemed the elemental system as broken. This is why we have decided to make the maximum elemental attack you can bestow on a weapon 450.
    This way elemental system will be way more effective and you will have to actually think twice on which element to invest more defense in, because if you get debuffed or cancelled, enemies could now get an elemental attack bonus when attacking you.


  • Olympiad has been moved to Giran
  • Hero Weapons are now enchanted at +16
  • Doombringer: Disarm Chance Route Nerfed -10%
  • Soulhound: Soul of Pain animation has been fixed
  • Olympiad Cancel resist has been improved

General Updates:
Shadow Step: Incorrect formula has been fixed (teleport casting was messy)
Duelist: Improved the damage formula
Debuffs: Formula Reworked
Dyes System: Back to the retail formula