Weekly Update v.4

PvP Balance:
skill0209 Daggers: -10% Damage
skill1059 Mages: Mystic Muse/Storm Screamer/Archmage +15% Damages
skill0176 Titan: -10% Damage
skill1406 Summons: Pets has been boosted in order to match the current enchant cap
skill0280 Grand Khavatari: +5% Skill Damage
skill0013 Dwarfs: Fortune Seeker/Maestro +10% Skill Damage

23/7 From now on, Olympiad will only take a break from 00:00 to 01:00!

Added with a random respawn between all the farming zones:

Emerald Horn
He has a debuff that lowers your P.def for 40% and 2 kinds of bleed, one of them (Worsening bleed) is a real pain in the ass and affects all the party. Having mass vitalize/mass purify is a must. Some ppl like mana burning it.

Bleeding Fly
This one also has the mass bleed skill as the previous. It also spawns Parasite Leeches. I would advise you to kill the leeches as fast as possible. The longer your take to kill the boss, tho, the more leeches it will spawn.

Dust Rider
Dust Rider has a petrify that affects people around him. Therefor, i’d advise you to keep the support (buffers and healers) away from him. Apart from the petrification skill, he also has a debuff that reduces Atk.speed and Cast. Speed for 50% during 30 seconds. A Cardinal with cleanse can be usefull.

Blackdagger Wing
This raidboss doesn’t have any particular debuff. However, he hits harder than the previous ones. A good equiped tank will have no problem tanking it.

Spike Slasher
For this one, i’d consider having, not only a Cardinal with Cleanse, but also a Shillien Saint with Mass Purify. This raidboss also has a petrification skill, that affects people around him, so once again, the support classes should keep their distance from it. The boss spawns some minions that you should kill.

Shadow Summoner
Shadow is kinda hard to get, he’s one of the 2 rarest bosses. You might take a while to get him =) This one has Silence, so healers and buffers should really keep a distance from this one. A Cardinal with Cleanse is a must!

Muscle Bomber
This one is the rarest raidboss of the 7. This raid boss has better defensive stats than the previous ones, so you need good damage dealers to kill it. In the other hand, he doesn’t deal as much damage as most of the other raidbosses.

Coming Soon:
PvP Zone will give extra rewards (like the extreme zone)
New Farming/Boss Extreme Stage